Seribu Teknopreneur, Sejuta Pekerjaan, a Nationwide Entrepreneurship Program

25 Juni, 2020, 22.05 WIB Last Updated 2020-06-25T15:05:38Z
Sandiaga Uno & Ing Ilham A. Habibie launch “Seribu Teknopreneur, Sejuta Pekerjaan, A Nationwide Entrepreneurship program by INOTEK & Orbit Future Academy

LINTAS ATJEH | JAKARTA - On the occasion of the birth anniversary of the Late President Bapak B. J. Habibie, a nationwide entrepreneurship program was launched by Sandiaga Uno and Ilham Habibie. 

The launch event was held online and was attended by leading corporate and other personalities from Indonesia and other countries. A first of its kind nationwide collaborative entrepreneurship program in the world. It aims to launch a thousand plus entrepreneurs across the thirty four provinces of Indonesia. With an aim to create local jobs and revitalize local economies with enabling digital and financial technologies.

Opening the launch event, Ilham Habibie spoke about the legacy of his father the late president B. J. Habibie, “He was passionate about technology and believed that technology should be embraced and not feared. He always spoke of deploying technology for the upliftment of peoples daily lives. He always believed that technology is only useful if it will improve the lives of the people. We are inspired by him to bring the benefits of technology into the lives of people at a local level. With this nationwide program we will deploy simple technologies to enhance overall skills and empower entrepreneurs at the local level to create local jobs and revitalize the economy. It is a small step in my own humble way to take my fathers legacy and thinking forward.”

Sandiaga Uno gave a passionate keynote address and spoke at length about the impact of Covid-19 and how we need to come together to tackle the problem and find opportunity in that. “Covid-19 has changed the demographics and consumption behaviour as talent and the workforce has gone back to their home towns. For the hometowns this is a great opportunity to find ways to retain their talent and through their consumption pattern, enhance the size of the local economy and create jobs. In addition, we must also prioritize cooperation with millennial and women because they are the pioneers to trigger in creating jobs at the grassroots”. 

Seribu Teknopreneur Sejuta Pekerjaan is a program put together by the best minds, with collaborations and partnerships with the top companies, organizations and universities of Indonesia. 

Our 1,000 Technopreneurs will be skilled-up, to help us achieve mass job creation and re-energize local economies, with the help of very simple-to-learn technologies. 

We cannot keep doing the things we did in the past and expect different results, we must change to the new reality and new normal, to succeed collectively. This time, we have an opportunity to rebuild Indonesia’s economy from the bottom up, from local to regions to central.

The program is jointly executed by Inotek and Orbit Future Academy. Sachin Gopalan the CEO and Co Founder of Orbit Future Academy explained the guiding principles of the program. 

“Most startup programs fail because they are either too localized, or too small for efficient operations, or the founders cannot afford the tools, technologies, processes, or they do not have access to innovations, access to industry or access to investors. We hope to identify entrepreneurs with the right skills through sophisticated testing tools and place them into vetted ideas and provide all the support they need to succeed, be it expert mentoring, specialized training, access to technology, tools, processes or mentors and funding. In this way entrepreneurs can succeed in a larger enterprise while creating jobs locally and contributing to their local ecosystems. It is a win win, for which Orbit Future Academy and Inotek will partner with many organizations to deliver across the nation.”
Ivi Anggraeni the General Manager of Inotek is leading the programs execution and is passionate about the reach of the program, “this program has the potential to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 economic impact and help smaller towns to participate in the economic growth of the country.”

Her views were echoed by Nalin Singh the Co Founder and COO of Orbit Future Academy when he said, “this is not our program alone, the crisis is a humanitarian crisis and all of us regardless of our political affiliations, ideologies, religions, provinces, companies or communities; need to come together as one to rebuild the nation economically. 

This crisis demands that we learn from each other and especially from those who have tried this model in limited ways in the past. 

Our model of creating a holding enterprise backed by a center of excellence, with pre selected grassroot level entrepreneurs, who are working within a larger collective ownership and is run across multiple stream of industries, simultaneously, is what is unique.

Many organizations have tried this in limited ways and it will be our endeavour to collaborate with them and keep iterating our program with our collective learning. Because this deserves to succeed so that we can show a positive impact to budding entrepreneurs across Indonesia.“

Closing the event, Ilham Habibie emphasizes the importance of investing in research for the development of a nation. “Thanks to long-term investment in research, several countries such as Korea and India become advance that is how we can learn a lot from these countries.

Various leaders of companies and organizations such as Lee Kang-Hyung (Vice President / COO of Hyundai Motor Asia Pacific Head Quarter), Daisy Primayanti (HSBC), Diwangkoro Alpinanto Ratam (Mandiri CSR), Welly Wiryanto (Sampoerna for Indonesia), Ivan A. Sandjaja (GEN Network & KADIN), Johannes AP Putra (Telkom Indigo), Gregoria Mandias (ANGIN) are willing to support this program and hope this program can bring success.[*/Red]